What to pack for your Las Vegas trip

What to pack for your trip to Las Vegas


So you just booked your plane tickets and now you’re wondering what to pack for your Vegas trip. Make sure you bring these items so you’re worry-free on your vacation!


Summer days (June to August) in Las Vegas can reach temperatures of greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Walking the Strip in that heat will inevitably give you a painful sunburn if you don’t wear sunscreen or protective gear. Sunscreen is a must to pack for your Vegas trip.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30, water resistant, and provides broad-spectrum coverage. Remember to re-apply every two hours or when you get wet.

Make sure your sunscreen bottle is 100 ml or less (3.4 ounces) if you’re bringing it inside your carry-on bag. If you’re bringing a bigger bottle, place it in your checked baggage per TSA liquids rule or they might confiscate it at the airport (and you’d have to buy the same product with a price markup on the Strip).

Comfy shoes

So you want to wear 3-inch heels or your new fancy (and stiff) leather oxfords. You’ll definitely look striking in those, but your feet will hate you.

The Las Vegas Strip is about three miles, starting from Mandalay Bay to Encore. Walking the Strip will take about one hour one-way, assuming you don’t make any stops (which is hard to do amidst all the good distractions). Think about that the next time you go shopping for your Vegas outfits. You need at least one comfy shoe.

I’ve walked the Strip plenty of times and I’ve felt the most comfortable wearing plain ‘ole sneakers. If you insist on wearing fashionable-but-not-comfortable shoes, consider bringing packable flats in your purse or a pair of flip-flops in your backpack.

Don’t forget to pack hiking shoes to navigate rocky trails if you’re stopping by Red Rock Canyon.


One of the funnest things you can do in Las Vegas is relaxing and swimming at the hotel pool. Make sure you pack a bathing suit or swimming trunks that you feel comfortable in.

Most hotels on the Strip have bath towels you can borrow while you’re in the pool area. Make sure to pack one if your hotel doesn’t carry them, especially if you’re staying at an off-strip budget hotel or an AirBnB.


Vegas is all about the larger-than-life experience, and a huge part of that are the employees that work hard to make you feel special.

Make sure you have cash readily on hand to give for tips: before your flight, ask your bank for $1 dollar bills.

This way you’re ready to thank an employee when you’ve received exceptional service.


The one thing I love about living in Las Vegas is that most days, the sun is out and the skies are blue.

However, the rays of the sun can get annoying if you’re sunbathing or driving.

Make sure you protect your eyes with a pair of shades.

A hat

I hope you’re seeing a pattern that you really need to protect yourself from the Vegas heat, especially in the summer!

Hats are another way to protect your face from a nasty sunburn. It’s especially important to wear one if you’re hiking in Red Rock Canyon, where there are no casinos that can shelter you from the sun.

Water bottle

While walking (and sweating) down the Strip in the heat, you quickly realize that you’re getting dehydrated. You’re thirsty, have dry mouth, or you’re starting to feel tired or dizzy. Prevent a medical emergency and make sure you always have a water bottle or bottled water on hand.

I refill my water bottle at the soda fountain dispensers at any fast food place. If quality is a concern, stick to filtered bottle water.

Your best outfit

Felt shy wearing that short, sparkly dress or that three-piece suit at the last company party? You can finally wear all your extra outfits when you’re here in Las Vegas!

Most lounges and clubs have dress codes (collared shirt, dress pants, no sandals or sneakers). It’s always best to confirm with the venue before you get there. Some venues are more strict than others, so why not dress up? This way, you won’t get turned away for being under-dressed and avoid the walk of shame back to your hotel to change (while your friends are already having fun).

If you forget to pack dress shoes or a nice dress, you can always buy them here. It’s more fun to shop on the Strip, anyway!

Winter coat or jacket

Temperatures can dip as low as 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter (December, January & February).

During spring (March, April, May) and fall (September, October, November) seasons, lows can range from 40 to 60 degrees.

Make sure you bring layers to keep warm while you’re walking from casino to casino!

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